Thursday, April 17, 2008

Coming in May

May 3rd is Andrew's 4th birthday. In honor of this Six Kelley's blog will celebrate him all month long. This is Andrew saying "I love you" in his version of American Sign Language.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Major Award!!!

AWANA wrapped up for Jonah and Ben a couple of weeks ago. For those who don't know, AWANA is held at church every Wednesday night during the majority of the school year. Every week the kids memorize verses, play competitive games, and have a worship time. Our AWANA group holds a Grand Prix with Pinewood derby cars...we won't be watching that video. I had to make a car for the two boys and myself. The results: Ben's didn't make it to the finish line...Jonah and I came in last for our age groups.

During the year the kids also earn AWANA bucks, one of which is roughly the equivalent of ten Schrute Bucks and 200 Stanley Nickles. With the AWANA bucks they earn they could buy us Christmas presents. This week is Fair night, where they can blow the remainder of their AWANA bucks on themselves.

Two weeks ago was awards night. Jonah was the only kid from any age group to get a trophy..too bad it wasn't a Dundee! Check it out.