Monday, January 21, 2008


If you found your way to this website, then your smarter than I gave you credit for! The idea of having my own blog has been about four years in the making. When Andrew was born and having his complications, it was therapeutic for me to email my family and friends with updates on his health.

Well, with a fourth baby coming shortly, I decided that this time I was going to do it right...I mean...I already 'did it right'...well, nevermind...I thought I would finally get that blog thing going.

"They change so fast when they are that small." My mother recently said that to me when we were talking on the phone about when they come up and visit us when the baby is born. She confided that she cries whenever she has to leave after we birth another kid. Well, hopefully, we can document the changes so not only Mom, but anyone can find pictures, read stories, and waste time.

Thanks for stopping by.


Anonymous said...


Good to hear from you my friend. It is harder to catch up without fantasy hockey. I hope all is well with you guys. I voted for Cole since Sally liked that name when she was pregnant with Sean (she also liked Sean). Peace brother.


D,Sr, said...

I did vote,but....I actually like Cole Patrick the best.And I don't care how far the Giants go,I like Peyton over Eli.Nice site son.Love You All,Dad

Anonymous said...

I agree with your Dad Cole Patrick sounds good. AS far as you'Doin it right" Cris Did it right" Carried him in her body for 9 months and now gets to have him cut out of her!!! Miss you all Love Aunt Sheri

Duane said...

I don't know about Cole Patrick. Sounds to much like Mayor Kwame Colpatrick. I prefer Coleman young over that thug.

Anonymous said...

Just a disclaimer from the lady of the house...I was a little nervous when Duane said he sent this out to everyone and I hadn't read it yet! I never know when he will say something a little...on/over the edge! Glad to see you are all having your input on the name-other suggestions are welcome as well. Pray for our new little man that he will make a safe arrival and that I will recover quickly. Love you all.

Anonymous said...

Duane and Chris,
I love the site! Thanks for doing this--I know all your friends and family, near and far, are glad to have the chance to check in with ya'll. I LOVE the photo of the 3 little Kelley men as well. Can't wait til the 4th little man arrives! You're in my thoughts. Love and Blessings, Auntie Lisa

Laura said...

Hey there! So glad you sent me your link! I ran into Margaret in Target before Christmas and she mentioned you were expecting - how exciting! I'll put you in my bloglines and that way I can keep up with you!

Anonymous said...

Hey My Friends,

What a great idea! I have enjoyed reading your site and keeping tabs on the votes. We are so excited for You all to have another son and brother in the house. He is so blessed to be born into your family. I can not wait to meet him!! (whatever his name shall be)

Love, Anna

Brother said...

Cole Leon mixes Sister's english background and Duane's nursing work when you say it fast colon, therefore I like it!

Looking forward to the new addition. Things were getting too quiet around the house.