Saturday, May 3, 2008

Prelude to a Blessing (Thursday April 15, 2004)

Dear Family and Friends,

Well, it's been an eventful week! First, a complete update. Chris had scant spotting on Tuesday morning, and then on her way to a previously scheduled OB appointment that afternoon started to have contractions. At that time she was dilated to 1cm. So, off she was sent to Hackley Hospital for fetal monitoring and it showed her contractions were 1-2 minutes apart, but they were weak. They watched her for two hours and rechecked her, and she was dilated to a 2. They then started her on Magnesium and some steroids and at 1130pm it's off to Grand Rapids by EMS we go! She is getting the Magnesium to stop the contractions until 6am Friday morning. The contractions have really slowed down. An ultrasound at Spectrum-Butterworth Hospital showed 41cm of amniotic fluid (alot). It also showed a duodenal atresia (obstruction of the duodenum causing increased fluid, leading to cervical dilation). She had an amnio-tap today (they drained a liter of amniotic fluid), and they are going to test it for chromosomal disorders-they are very suspicious for Down Syndrome. We should have some results by tomorrow afternoon. Also, if the baby is indeed born with this atresia-thing, then it would most likely require surgery.

So the long term looks like this:
Hospitalized until Monday with a couple more taps (drain amniotic fluid) planned,
5-6 weeks of bedrest for the wife, then
3-4 weeks of neonatal ICU for the baby following birth if surgery is necessary.

Right now, Chris and I are tired but slowly catching up on sleep. We are experiencing God's peace and are confident He will see us through this. Thank you for all the prayers, phone calls, and words of support. Some folks at our church are going to set up some meals for us and someone to stay with Chris and the boys on days I work. The Dr. told her that she cannot take care of them alone. He did give her permission to go to church, saying that that was the “best place you can be.” Otherwise, next week you can find her at home in a chair reading a book and eating bon-bon's! Until she gets home you can feel free to visit her or call her (we do sometimes unplug the phone for rest), in the hospital from Friday to Sunday...just maybe call first before visiting. She should be discharged early Monday morning.
Thanks again for the prayers and keep it up. Right now we are especially praying for no chromosome abnormalities, but are happy for whatever we receive.

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