Friday, May 9, 2008

Sunday May 9, 2004

Hi All,

It's apparent God has us on a journey. Yesterday we enjoyed the high of a good day, today we are riding out a bad one. Andrew had some trouble breathing last night and this morning was put on a CPAP machine—too hard for me to gives him pressurized oxygen to help his breathing. The next step, if needed, would be a vent. The upper portion of his right lung has some fluid on it. He may also be getting an infection, but probably not from the incision. He was started on a new antibiotic today for that.

I won't lie. We are discouraged today. The big picture says God has a plan for us and Andrew, and will bring good out of this. The smaller view finds us trying to lean on Him for today. Sometimes that is difficult. I am going home to spend time with my older boys. Chris will be at the hospital with her Mom and brother (her brother flew in from New Jersey).

Continue to pray for Andrew. His little body has been through alot and will continue to.
Pray for strength for today for Chris and I.

We love you all,

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