Saturday, June 28, 2008

Ben's Birthday

What a great day! A group of us including Grandpa's Kelley, Sullivan and Tobin, along with Jonah and cousins Justin and Austin went to Grand Blanc for the opening round of the Buick Open on Bennie's birthday. We were there for about 30 minutes and Ben told me it wasn't very fun. Then Jason Gore's caddy flipped Austin a golf ball and it was on. The kids lined up behind greens waiting for players to come by and give them high-fives and hopefully a ball. John Daly gave Ben one of his. By the end of the day, Ben had 5 balls, a tee, and a bottle of water from golfers, Austin had 4 balls, Jonah had 2 and Justin had 1.

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Verna Kemp said...

Love this site Duane and Chris. Wish I could see you more in person but this offers a way to "visit". Sounds like Ben's birthday was a blast for everyone. Even the guy holding the trophy.
Love you all-
Aunt Verna