Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Special Day...

October 1 is a special day in our house. The leaves are changing their colors, the air is cooler, Chris has a birthday, and OPENING DAY OF BOWHUNTING SEASON IS FINALLY HERE!!! It's so exciting! Jonah can hunt this year. I get to spend some time in the woods. Venison is so tasty. I am looking forward to a great month, but first, I need to make my wife feel special. No hunting today. Sleep in. I'll get the kids up. I'll take her shopping. It'll be a happy birthday for her.

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Anonymous said...

Duane and Chris - I just got a chance to look at your page again. It always makes me smile or just plain laugh out loud. Chris, I hope your birthday was as good as Duane intended, or even better. I loved the pictures of Jonah. I think he inherited some of those sleeping genes from Uncle John but how could that be?
Love you all,
Aunt Verna