Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Birthday, Elijah

February 1st was Eli's first birthday. Unfortunatly it was a holiday and got missed on this blog! Much like his Mom (Opening Day of deer season), Eli's birthday fell on a holiday. He's
none the wiser! Just a riminder, Elijah Leon was given his Great Grandpa's name (Leon). He has been a lot of fun to watch grow up. It is amazing to me to think that soon he will pass Andrew developmentally in many areas. Andrew will be 5 in May, but is not yet conversing or potty trained. Elijah has been a blessing for us and for Andrew. They really seem t enjoy each other. As stated on a previous post, Eli is walking and has been for almost 3 months. He loves to dance, play with his brothers, and climb stairs! Enjoy a few other pics that show how he has grown this year.

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