Thursday, February 7, 2008

Home...but struggling

Hi all. Eli is doing good, except he has turned Asian (not that there's anything wrong with that), since we've been home. His bilirubin level is slowly rising. I have taken him to the lab 3 mornings in a row now. He goes to see his Dr. today. There is a slight chance he will be admitted for light therapy. He is nursing well and otherwise acting normally. I am not overly concerned and would try and talk the Dr. out of admitting him.

Also, Ben vomited several times last night and Andrew woke up with an infected fingernail today, and is going to the Dr. with Eli. Chris also took a trip to the lab yesterday to check for a UTI (negative).

We have lots of Thank you cards to get out. For now I am singleing a couple people out. We have gotten several meals prepared and delivered to us and are eating like kings. Our church ( is bringing a meal a day for a week. Lisa B. brought several meals when she came to stay with us. Michelle C. also brought a couple meals and some muffins we are still enjoying. It's so good to be part of the family of God. Chris's Mom has been drying our laundry as our dryer died the week before Eli was born and Sears forgot to deliver our dryer to our house. She has also been at our beckon call for many other things. Thank you all so much for the prayers, phone calls, and support.
See the pics of Eli with his two older brothers and Great Grandma and Grandpa Sheridan (his middle name, Leon, comes from him).

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Duane said...

A quick update. Eli saw the Dr. and was sent home with a Bili-blanket, which is a florescent light that you can place in his clothes or blanket. After one day his bilirubin level was improved. They are going to recheck it on Monday.