Saturday, February 2, 2008

A Name Announced!

First many thanks to my Mom who is sleeping at the hospital with Chris and the baby, so I can sleep better at home and play on the computer. I talked on the phone with her last night and we named him: Elijah Leon. We'll call him Eli or Elijah. Leon is Chris's Grandpa Sheridan's name. We are honored to give our 4th son his name. Enjoy a short clip of the cutest baby of 2008!


Grandma Tobin said...

Welcom Elijah Leon. What an experience it was to see you enter the world yesterday. Can't wait to have you home for unlimited hugs and kisses. Love...Grandma Tobin

Aunt Verna said...

Another beautiful Kelley boy! Congratulations to all of you. So glad Chris is doing well too. I can't wait to get the "west coast" to see Eli in person. Love you all.
Aunt Verna

Anonymous said...

He's Beautiful! God is great!
His blessings to all of the Kelleys and prayers for quick recovery for Mom.
Aunt Vera

Laura said...

Congratulations Kelley family! He is just adorable!

sgoldner2003 said...

Congratulations on another baby boy! He's beautiful. Love! Sarah, Dave and Max Goldner

Theresa Reise said...

He's sooooo adorable! Many blessings to all four of your adorable boys. I'll be praying for a quick recovery for Chris. May God bless you all!!!
Theresa Reise & family

Becky said...

Hi Kelley's,

I wasn't able to make it to the hospital yesterday. Just the typical cold junk still going around. We would love to get together in a few weeks and see you all and marvel over little Elijah! He is so beautiful! Oh I mean handsome:) Stacy was here and watched the little clip, and started crying. They are eagerly awaiting their little guy and this was just so fun for her to see. Hope you are doing well Chris. Praying for a good first week at home with your new guy:)

The Postma Crew