Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Friday May 14, 2004

Hey All,

The expression “No news is good news” has been fairly true for us this week. On Wednesday morning Andrew was taken off of the CPAP and has not needed any mechanical assistance with his breathing at all. Occasionally he will forget to take a breath and sounds the alarms attached to him, but he usually fixes himself pretty quickly.

Yesterday his oral suction tubes were removed and he was started on oral feedings of Pedialyte. He did well, except he forgets to breath while he is eating. Today he was started on bottle feedings of all the breast milk Chris has been pumping. I got to feed him twice today, which is something because I was never able to feed Jonah or Ben because I don't lactate! He is doing very good so far. The nurses have warned us that feeding is an up and down thing so we may run into vomiting problems, constipation, or something.

He is finally losing all the water weight he has been carrying, so that is good news too. Also, tonight he was moved into a crib instead of the isolette he has been in. Right now, things look good. HE is an adorable little boy.

Thank you for all the prayers. I have not been as discouraged since I sent out that bummer of an email. We know that no matter how Andrew grows and develops, that God is real, He is kind, and he loves his children (even the old ones).

Please pray for Jonah and Ben. They are having a tough time with not seeing Mommy and Daddy very much, but they are going to spend the night at the hospitality house with us tomorrow night if everything goes well.

Also, another praise (besides Andrew's good news)! I found out today that my coworkers have given me a combined 107 of their vacation hours in order for me to be with my family and still be able to provide. It is very humbling and I am forever grateful.

God Bless,

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