Monday, May 12, 2008

Wednesday May 12, 2004

Hey All,

Well, Andrew was taken off of the CPAP this morning to see how he does. If his heart rate or respirations start to slow down and set off the alarms too much, they'll put him back on it. Also, they may start feeding him tomorrow. Currently he has a tube in his mouth that is sucking out the stomach juices. They took him off the suction this AM and if he has no problems (vomiting, abdomen getting bigger), they should pull that tube tomorrow and replace with another oral feeding tube and start giving him small amounts of breast milk that Chris has been pumping and freezing. Usually they start real slow (1ml/hr)-less than 2 tablespoons in 24 hours.
Andrew did end up having a blood infection, and they are treating that. He's down to one antibiotic, but will need a spinal tap in a few days too make sure the infection didn't go into his spinal column.

Finally, he has been retaining fluid (probably related to the infection), so he's been getting Lasix on and off. For you medical people it's a whopping 2.7mg! I've given as much as 120mg to adults in congestive heart failure. The minuscule amounts of drugs these kids get are almost laughable.

Things are progressing along. Thanks again for the—everything! We are blessed. I can't wait to tell Andrew all about the prayers he received when he was in the hospital.
God Bless,

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