Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Friday May 7, 2004

Hello All,

It's Friday morning and Andrew had surgery yesterday to repair his atresia. He also had malrotation of the intestines (basically when the intestines were forming they more or less didn't position themselves properly nor secure themselves to the abdominal wall). They fixed that as best they could (they don't expect any problems with it) but as a result the intestines now sit opposite, but securely fastened, as they normally would. They ended up putting his appendix on the LEFT side-so they removed that too. All that to say, the surgery went well. He is however still on the ventilator. Last night was a hard night as he had some problems and his oxygen level kept dropping and his carbon dioxide level was rising. Part of this is because he was doing so good after surgery they tried to wean him off the vent too soon and he was not awake enough from the anesthesia, so his body wore out trying to breath so much. Needless to say, Chris and I were up late with him. If anyone felt prompted to pray around 9 PM last night, thank you. Andrew started to turn around for the better at that time. He got pretty stabilized around midnight and so we went to bed. This morning he is finally starting to wake up and they are SLOWLY lowering his vent settings, but I think he will be on it all day and maybe through the night. His tiny 1.5 inch incision is a little reddened today, so we are watching that. He does not have a fever.

Chris is doing well. She will be discharged this afternoon. She is still having pain. I watched her c-section and I have a newfound respect for her. At one point while sewing her up they took her abdomen and folded it back over on itself to look for bleeding (to get my meaning take your shirt and fold it up to look at your stomach. That folded over shirt was how her stomach looked!) It was cool!

Anyway folks, please continue praying for us, especially:
That Andrew will get off the vent safely and as soon as healthily possible.
That he recovers quickly, with no infections. The Dr. said it would be 10-14 days before they give him food.
For Chris's health and our stress and anxiety.
Thank God for all the help, support, prayers, food, babysitting, etc.

We are fortunate to belong to the body of Christ, which extends beyond Muskegon. He has been good to us.
God Bless,

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