Monday, May 5, 2008

Wednesday May 5, 2004


WOW! Chris calls me at work on Monday night and says I should come home because the Dr. wants to see her in the hospital due to some more contractions. I punched out at 5:15 PM , picked her up at home and drove to Spectrum Butterworth Hospital in Grand Rapids by 6 PM. It was kind of a fast ride! The next thing you know they say she is in active labor and at 7:21 PM Andrew James Kelley came into the world by c-section. He has some Down Syndrome features, but is beautiful nonetheless. 50% of Down Syndrome kids are born with heart defects, Andrew has none (as evidenced by an echocardiogram)! Also, they did an ultrasound of his head because an old ultrasound showed mildly enlarged brain ventricles, and that was normal too! They also did a kidney ultrasound and one was a little small and the other a little big. So far no one seems worried about that, but he is whizzing up a little yellow storm! If not for the duodenal atresia (obstruction in the small intestine), we would be going home soon.

As it is, he is having surgery to repair the atresia Thursday morning at 11:45 AM. Please remember him at that time. Surgery should last 2 hours. After that it's all recovery time, which will take a few weeks.

Chris is doing good, walking around some and eating. She should be discharged on Friday and we plan on staying at the hospitality house attached to the hospital.

Thank you all so much for your prayers. God continues to provide more than we need, and has blessed us with a beautiful son.


Tom said...

Judi and I are praying for your and the family.
God's amazing grace can give peace that we don't understand.
Continue to trust in Him and know that our wonderful, loving caring and all knowing God is in complete control.
we are praying that mom and baby (and the rest of the family) will feel the love of God as you continue in to experience God's plan for you.

Tom Asdell

Tom said...

ignore the past comments...
I am confused
I'll blame it on the strokes
welcome to 2008

Duane said...

Hey Tom,

Good to hear from you. Everything is cool with are family, just taking a trip down memory lane as we celbrate Andrew's birthday this month.