Saturday, May 3, 2008

Monday April 19, 2004

Thanks again everyone for praying for us. Chris's OB doc asked if we had alot of people praying for us and we told him “Yes.” He said it was “obvious” because of how smooth things went while we were in the hospital. SHE IS HOME! The boys are excited and I am too (in case you couldn't tell by the caps). She still has an occasional contraction and has to go to Spectrum hospital on Thursday to be drained again. So far she has had about 3 liters drained off of her and she looks alot smaller. She is also more comfortable and able to move around more easily...just in time for some bedrest. He wants to deliver the baby via c-section at 36 weeks because the risk of continuing to drain her stomach becomes to great and the risk of delivering away from Grand Rapids increases, which would not be in the baby's best interest. We will continue to update you as needed. Right now we are doing real well and are excited about the birth of another son.
In Christ,

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