Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Thursday May 20, 2004 (4 years and 1 day late!)

Dear Friends,

Andrew is doing good and looking good. The plan is for a discharge tomorrow! When he goes home we will need to keep teaching him how to eat, and when he does not finish a meal, place a tube in his mouth to his belly and tube feed him the rest, then remove the tube. Sure would be nice to have a good nurse at home! He tolerates this really well and we have a received a number of admirations from the nurses on what a well-behaved, mild mannered baby Andrew is. God has been so good to us.

I plan on taking a week more off of work after we get discharged, to get Jonah and Ben back on schedule, get some yard work done, and help Chris with Andrew. I can't believe we are close. I know things may changes, but Andrew has had several good days in a row and we feel confident that we can provide good care at home.

I will continue to update you until we are home.
God bless all of you,

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